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Know your website.

Website general analysis

Analysis of the main metrics, audience, site languages, sections and most viewed pages, navigation devices, conversions, input sources...

Analyze the SEO actions.

Study of the organic positioning

Discover the evolution of the site indexation in Google, the keyword rank in Google, the landing pages of the search traffic, the relevance of the website...

Optimize your campaign results.

Study of the online marketing campaigns in depth

Campaign tracking assistant, cost maintenance, results analysis (conversions and orders), campaigns comparison.

Improve your online store.

Learn more about your customers' behavior

Segmented study of the orders received, analysis of the product sales, presentation of the conversion funnels of the purchasing process from different perspectives, analysis of the economic performance of the online campaigns.

Control results with a scorecard.

Simplify the analysis

Determine the website goals and the way to measure them, explore the results monthly, distinguish the results for among the key countries, compare the evolution with the previous year.

General functionalities

Analytics for "dummies"

Tapmetrik is thought to facilitate the data understanding data to anyone.


Allow people in your organization to access the data you want

Antispam Filter

Automatically remove the false traffic that Google Analytics presents to you (spam reference traffic and ghost traffic)

Annual report

Receive a printed report for each website with the global results of the year.